a QUEERNOISE band birthed in the bowls of artsy echo park, L.A. - representing a sonic departure from the idealistic norm, we weave experimental tones wrapped in distorted waves and lyrical jest that shimmer in the California sun. 

Formed in 2016 in Los Angeles by principle song writer, vocalist and main guitarist Ori, who was later joined by bassist Chloe Mays and drummer Jared Mick Frazier - Youth On Soda started playing shows around town hitting renowned venues such as The Satellite & Whisky A-Go-Go and becoming regulars at underground rock venues - Cafe Nela, Five Star Bar & Lot 1.

In May 2017 the band released their LP “APPLEPIE” which has quickly grabbed the attention of music reviewers  home and abroad - obtaining coverage in zines and blogs such as “Indie Bands”, “Overblown”, “Destroy\Exist” and landed rotation on several radio station.  

You might hate us cause we're loud but we don't really care -We are reality-tired, sunburnt, ego-deniers. Trash is not tinsel.


"Their latest single Apple Pie is a tense, fuzzy, raucous slice of punk with sneering lyrics dripping with tetchy intent and buzzsaw guitars that set the teeth on edge. It's the sound of dark, gloomy basements, the sound of the left behind, the sound of the ignored, the sound of those the American dream bypassed. It's lean, it's raw, it's dark, it's grungy, it's angry, it's disturbing, it's nihilistic and it's about as far from the clean cut, glammed up, sterile image of LA as you can get.


Youth on Soda pull back the curtain and reveal the other side of LA life."



"avec Youth On Soda, un groupe de Los Angeles dont le debut album est sorti en mai 2017. C’est frais, c’est vivant, c’est bruyant, c’est simple, ça se prend pas le chou, ça sent un peu le pavé, la sueur et la bière."




“avant garde noise inflecked alternative rock of Youth on Soda. Marrying snotty, bratty vocals with a penchant for feedback drenched guitar work and a touch of a lilting female background vocal to take the edge off a little, the track possesses an unnerving tension that pretty much keeps the listener off balance for the duration. Quality stuff.”